Amie Greenberg, A Professional Law Corporation Flat Rate Family Law Services And Mediation

Flat Rate Divorce


For families who wish to avoid the cost of going to court during a divorce, I offer flat-rate services. This option is ideal for parties seeking divorce on a budget, with limited disputed issues and limited property to divide.

All options include preparation of all of the forms necessary to initiate your divorce case.  The options include guidance on the preparation of all of the financial disclosure forms necessary to comply with mandatory disclosure requirements and the preparation and filing of the final judgment documents. 

I can work with one party or both parties as a neutral mediator. I will discuss your case with you, prepare and review your legal documents and prepare the agreement to include provisions to help you avoid the risk of future litigation. The service includes filing the legal documents with the court.  

In preparing the documents and agreement, if the issues involved are more complex than initially disclosed, additional attorney time required is billed at attorney’s regular hourly rate and will be disclosed in advance. If one party desires representation, that can be arranged through my traditional services.

All Flat Rate Options include:
• Preparation, service and filing of all initial documents
• Preparation and filing of the judgment documents and stipulated judgment (agreement)
• Clients are guided on the preparation of financial disclosures